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EMS Mobile

Benefits: EMS Mobile has low start up costs, provides a quick return on investment and allows an immediate access to the increasing demand for EMS training. 

Small space, no extra staff, limited costs

Ems requires as little as 2m2 to do effective training. The advanced  technology is extremely lightweight allowing easy transport  and  service to homes, corporate clients and inside existing fitness and health facilities. You can explore further options to rent a small space or sharing income providing services to businesses with existing clients. emsFX  helps you learn how to set up your ems mobile business and enter this exciting market today.

High potential profit-margins

EMS home trainings allow you to earn premium rates.  By having little or no rental fees and limited operational costs  you enjoy a  high potential profit.  That is why the EMS mobile concept is  very interesting option for all health and fitness professionals . We do our part through emsFX financing services combined with our ems training and business education. Learn how  you reduce start up costs, allow quick expansion of your business and provide attractive and effective training concepts with excellent profit margins.

Grow at your pace

Start small and grow gradually, at your own desired pace. Ems training allow you to help people achieve their personal goals. This is a very satisfying and rewarding experience. As you grow you can add more devices, assistants and training facilities as necessary to multiply your profits.